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Part and Process Traceability
Enterprise : Automobile Manufacturing
Products : Various Types and Models of Automobiles
Presence : Multi Located in India and Abroad
Infrastructure : Manufacturing / Assembling Plants at various Locations

  Processes :
  1. Online Direct Part Marking and Digital Marking of Vehicle Identification Number and Engine Identification Number as per Statutory Requirements of Local Vehicle Registration
    Authorities. Each VIN and EIN is a unique code comprising of several encoded parts, which specify the Vehicle and Engine respectively. The Encoded parts are followed by a Unique Serial
    Number of fixed number of digits derived from an allotted Series, which repeats in
    a round robin fashion.
  2. Tracking and Remote Monitoring of Vehicles, Engines & other Critical Parts and
    Processes such as Assembly, Material Supply & Dispatch Processes.


  1. To Design and Build a High Performance Client-Server System to cater to
    24 / 7 / 365 Production Service requiring least amount of maintenance on the Server Side and none at all on the Client Side with following features
    Adaptable to Continuously Changing Requirements

    Quickly and Easily Adaptable

    Integrable with Other External Systems

    Extendable to New Applications

    Scalable to Tolerate Increasing Load and Pressure

    Advanced Technology
    J2EE, SOA, BPM
  2. Handling of multiple instances of VIN and EIN Marking Processes occurring simultaneously
    on several Assembly Lines situated at geographically far off locations
  3. Handling various approaches to manufacturing including Batch Manufacturing, Mixed
    Model Manufacturing and Concurrent Manufacturing of same Models on multiple
    Assembly Lines
  4. Building a Dynamic and Robust Channel of Communication between the Client and
    Server for Marking and Tracking Processes
  5. Building a Robust Interface between the Client and the NC Marking Device located at
    each Assembly Line
  6. Real Time Generation of Unique VIN and EIN for more than 25 Models of Vehicles
    and 15 Models of Engines
  7. Providing an Easy-To-Use Client Interface

The System :


Phase 1 :

  1. Architecture / Framework: EMS
  2. Technology:
    - Data Configuration & Management à J2EE
    - VIN and EIN Marking and Tracking à JRMI
    - Fault Tolerance à Application Clustering & Data Replication
    - Client Interface à Web Browser
    - Marking Device Interface à RS232
  3. Server Side OS: LINUX Enterprise Server
  4. Server Side Middleware: JBoss Enterprise Middleware System
  5. Database Server: MySQL
  6. Connectivity: Enterprise VPN
  7. Client Side: MS WINDOWS PC / Thin Client
  8. Functionality:
    - Online VIN & EIN Marking & Barcode Generation
    - Trial Marking and Arbitrary Marking
    - Vehicle & Engine Tracking and Remote Monitoring
    - VIN & EIN Configuration & Management
    - Assembly Line Configuration & Management
    - Marking Device and Marking Control Configuration & Management
    - Production Scheduling & Management
  Phase 2 : Extension to Phase 1
  1. Technology:
    - RFID (Replaces Barcode) à Digital Marking and Part & Process Tracking
  2. Functionality:
    - Process Configuration & Management
    - RFID Device and Portal Configuration & Management
    - Digital Marking of Vehicle, Engine & Critical Parts with RFID
    - Tracking of Vehicle, Engine & Critical Parts with RFID
    - Material Supply, Assembly & Dispatch Process Tracking with RFID
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